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'Ring' was recorded as part of the highly-acclaimed battle rap literacy project, Word War.
All money raised from the sale of the single will go to Yorkhill Children's Hospital.
You can pay as much as you like for the download (minimum £2) and we hope that you give generously.
The care provided by the staff of Yorkhill is invaluable in the lives of many children and young people in Scotland.


Let's talk about phones, let's get in the zone
Phones are not a plus, they are a curse
Phones are a distraction while doing your subtraction
Can't wait to see your teacher's reaction
It's when you're sitting in class and you see that flash
Oh no, I'm gonnae to have to face my teacher's wrath
'Cause if you're sitting on your phone constantly not paying attention
You're definitely going to be getting a detention
And if you're sitting on a phone you'll fail your exams
Do you understand this epigram or do you need me to send on Instagram?

Here 'cause we won this rap,
Didn't use no app,
Don't underestimate us
Give us your trust, we'll make it.

This is your judgement day so listen to what we have to say
The Internet is a sensation, Facebook is for our generation
Friends, foes, there's loads to upload
If that's not you, just download
You came here to diss the use of social media,
Instagram, YouTube, even the online encyclopaedia - Wikipedia
It's about staying connected
And protected like Skynet
Let's be honest, this is your frustration
About the realisation that social networking enhances imagination
This is just an observation of your argument's termination
So check yourself from the fight, you're up against the Terminator
My answers add up right, you struggle to use a calculator
Don't worry too much sweetheart, there's still an impartial adjudicator.

Here 'cause we won this rap,
Didn't use no app,
Don't underestimate us
Give us your trust, we'll make it.

Phones are just a liability, they're not secure
You should worry about getting hacked
Like Boris Johnson and the others attacked.

Phones aren't cool, they're a distraction tool
In school on your phone not knowing how to take out a loan
You'll never get into college because you have no knowledge
About how to be educated
The necessary brain cells haven't been created
Your IQ's the same as my shoe
You think that's clever, don't you?

X-Box, Playstation, they dominate our nation
The social code is too hard for you to crack
So get back to your Nokia and leave me to my iMac
Why would you need social media? You don't have any friends
You don't go out on weekends
Bebo, Twitter - ask the lot
We all think that they're so hot
Sitting on Facebook, being a God
Lots of research will help you get a job
Sitting on Twitter, eating a fritter...

Retaining all that knowledge will help you get into college
The newest thing out is the PS4
But you'd better be careful you don't fall off your dinosaur
That'd be sore but don't be sore
Just because you've lost this war
Just like Arnie, I'll be back
But you won't.


from Ring, track released September 6, 2014
All lyrics written by the pupils of 2C, Holy Cross High School.

Hollie Ingram
John Hendry
Caitrin Darroch
Jake Duddy

Music written and performed by Peter Kelly.

Recorded by Stuart MacLeod on 25th April, 2014 at Beetroot Studios, Airdrie.

Thanks to:

Stuart MacLeod, Kirsty Cunningham, Jon MacKinnon, Helen Giusti and Holy Cross High School, Adamo De Fazio and Carluke High School, Angela Gallagher and Calderside Academy, Michelle Stewart, Janey Mauchline, Scottish Book Trust, Scottish Poetry Library, Jamie McIvor and BBC Reporting Scotland, Janice Forsyth and the Culture Studio, Andrew Denholm and the Glasgow Herald, Douglas Blane and the TESS and everyone who has supported the Word War project.



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